For a tl;dr — a kid. On the internet. With a website.

‘Cause, why not?

Now for the rest.

Who Am I?

Born in raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I’ve done my fair share of living in the short sixteen years I’ve been on this planet. Currently, I attend McNally High School and prior Ottewell Junior High and Clara Tyner Elementary School respectively.  I used to work part-time at my local library and am constantly engaging in new leadership or volunteer opportunities.

Why the Blog?

I’ve always been passionate about education and ambition among today’s youth, but have strayed away from harmful archetypes when it comes to students. Narrow-minded “channelling” of students in to respective classes or cliques — be it jocks, nerds, geeks — limits the potential of students to strive to find their passions. This habit is shaping a generation of uninspired teens clinging to job-security rather than enjoyment in their occupation. Aside from education, I’ve closely studied politics and sought ways to get involved. Youth today strive for “slacktivism” that brews inactivity with issues that directly impact our various futures. Moreover, we are swept aside with broad strokes: a generation of selfie-taking, politically correct, lethargic losers that will fail to carry the torch of the baby-boomers that championed the post-war era.

My hope is that through this blog I may bring key issues to light and inspire heroes that generate reform in areas where it is most necessary. From ignorance in social issues, particularly concerning Canadians, to career-success and educational well-being, I wish to begin critical conversations that drive my generation forward.

Interested in Hiring?

Here’s a download link for my resume: bit.ly/mjdresume

Thanks for stopping by.



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