School has garnered my passion for working with my peers to develop their knowledge as well as mine. I have been quite successful in past years in my formal academic career, and am always looking for new opportunities to help other students excel. Currently, I am a grade eleven student at McNally High School in the International Baccalaureate program. My most recent interim report will be made available upon request, but any courses listed I am either currently enrolled in or have finished (or finished similar courses, i.e., 10-1 is similar to 10-2), and have maintained honours with distinction (90+%).

If you live in the Edmonton, Alberta region and are looking for a fantastic tutor in any of the following courses, feel free to contact me at me@michaeldemarco.ca, (780) 680-9634, or through social media.

  • Math 9, Science 9, English 9, Social Studies 9, or previous courses
  • Math 10C or 10C IB*
  • Math 20-1, 20-2, or 20-1 IB
  • Science 10 or 10 IB*
  • Physics 20-1 or 20-1 IB
  • Physics 35 IB
  • Chemistry 20-1 or 20-1 IB
  • Biology 20
  • English 10-1, 10-2, or 10 IB*
  • English 20-1, 20-2, or 20-1 IB
  • Social 10-1, 10-2, or 10-1 IB*
  • History 20-1 IB, Social 20-1, or 20-2
  • Computer Science 10, 10 IB*
  • Computer Science 20, 20 IB

*IB courses at a grade ten level are typically referred to as pre-ib, as they are not officially a part of the International Baccalaureate program.


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